OH DIARE vs Kaeela Anderson

Today is really hard for me and my love. We get a stomachache especially about diarrhea, this illness make us bored and became angry every minute even we are at campus. I difficult to find a place for “pup” hahaha because I don’t like with the bathroom in my campus.. i’ll very safe if do it in my own home or in my family’s house. I absent today in 2 lecturer, really I don’t want absent, but I will disturb my classmates if I often go to bathroom J. Actually I go to my aunt’s  house, but in there still be renovated so i should look for the other place. Because I can not control my stomach, hurriedly i go to my mother’s office,, WOWWW! Only 1 word! LEGA! Hahahaha. In the other hand, diarrhea make me and my love quarrel about something useless. And make my father and mother anxious about us. WOW!!! I am with my diarrhea untill i absent to come to the class to finish my duty, untill i get angry and dispute with my boy.  So upset >.<

Yeah!!!! Diarrhea make me so angry!!! But in afternoon after i consume some medicine, the situation get better..  Alhamdulillah yaa.. :DD

After i have a 3rd lecturer i go to the sbs for have a course. But i’m shock when the course place is closed. I’m waiting in front of the office during 30 minute with mr.abdur, mr.chandra, aa’. yah, not a big deal.

Yeah, because of that my mood is very bad that night. The matter that night is watching a movie. Yeah better than i have to learn some material with a bad mood!!! And the movie is very inspiring, Kaeela Anderson. The movie tells us about the smart girl, she seldom come to the class and doing the task but she always get A+ in her examination. She doing like that because she feels disappointed about her school management. Some day, her school ask her to join with a BEE competition, but she don’t want follow it because she also feels angry with some her friends who likes to abuse her with the bad word, nickname like stupid etc.  But she suddenly will join with the competition because of her love to her daddy. She trying hard to understand everything, but her mother forbid her to follow the competition. She never give up, she learn, study again and again.  And the end of this movie is she to be the winner with Dylan. This movie so sweet describe how a parents loving her daughter and the contrary. ONE message i can catch from this movie is: IF U DOING SOMETHING WITH LOVE, YOU WILL SUCCESFULL!! We can apply this in my life. Bismillah


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