One minute, change my life and my life’s vision and mission

That day, in the rainy afternoon i will interview 4 people for being a cashier at tenant bazar hijabers malang. After i already interview 2 people, suddenly my phone having a light. I don’t care about that, because i still make recapitulation from the result of my duty. After this, i and my HC friends go to the mosque hurriedly because we don’t pray yet. In the mosque i read messages in my handphone, it is from my mom, my mom become angry, she said that i have to apply my responsibility to my faculty. I feel so confuse, i never join with any programs at my faculty. My mother said that i have to fulfill a cheaf for scholarship because she just already being called by dean secretary of FTP. I apathetic to what my mom said, because i don’t know about that. After i finish my duty for interview and select a cashier, i come to SBS and start a english class. When I learning at class, my phone show 1 messages received. It come from unknown number, and she ask some telephone number of my friends. Telephone number is private, so i ask back to her “who is she, and why she ask telephone number of my friends”. And she answer that she is a dean secretary and she want to calling all of my friends about the scholarship. I give my friends’s number, because i think she aims a positive thing. After i give some number, i continue my class and don’t care about that.

At the night, i get messages again from the same number with last afternoon. She said that i have to come in meeting room at faculty for listening some instruction from dean and the coordinator of master program in THP. I feel confuse again and again. I never apply and submit scholarship program. I try to search an information from my friends, they also get the same messages and they never join any programs too. Finally, we come to the meeting together. In the meeting room at faculty is very quiet, silent, no one there. After we waiting for some minute, finally the dean secretary open the door and order us to go into and she will called mr. Bambang and mr. Joni to describe about the scholarship.

At the meeting room i still confuse, he explain to us about FASTTRACK. It is a scholarship master program at brawijaya university, and the fund is come from DIKTI.  We feel never submit anything to get this scholarship. We feel difficulty to consent in this program, because so many regulation and duty have to be fulfilled. The term is we have to finish my master study at december 2012, next week master class is started, while we study master we have to finish our thesis and our research. I think that is very difficult for me. My research for my thesis have’nt done, and i have to study twice everyday in the master class. WOW!!!! I can’t imagine. Really i don’t want to accept it. But when i tell about this to my parent, they very happy and proud of me about this.

This is an obstacle. I HAVE TO FINISH ALL!!! I want to make my parents proud of me,, yeah although i have to work very hard to fulfill my duty. I don’t like this situation. I have so many plan after i finish my study, i want to make some food business and clothing business etc. I want to go to Bandung, Jakarta, Bekasi  to visit my relatives. I want to refreshing in there. I want to work very hard to get some money to buy anything for my parents. I always make them work hard to fulfill my necessity, i want to do something to reply their sacrifice. Maybe this way can make them happy, even though i don’t like it. I am not sure that i can do it perfectly. I just making a hope to GOD give me a strengthness, forbearance to do this perfectly. INSYA ALLAH. Allah beside us, Allah always help us, Allah not always give what i want but Allah always giving the best for me J BEGEISTERUNG!!!


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