What a beautifull Sunday !!

In This Sunday morning will be held a tausiyah by Hijabers Malang at Al-Muhajirin mosque beside ITN.  The tausiyah’s topic is “taaruf”. I will join with them. There is hijab style demo, tausiyah by ustad, reading a holy book and dhuha together. I come to join because i feel sad because i seldom to read a holy book, and learning about a religion. When i arrive at mosque i see so many beautiful girls with a kind of veil style. They look so stylish. I am very happy have a new family like them. The agenda start with dhuha together, after this hijab style demo from Ms. Sellyn and Ms mitha being a model. I already know and meet with Ms Sellyn because she is new comers and she incharge of in tausiyah. There is 4 people in tausiyah team, they are Ms. Sellyn, Ms Shinta, Ms Vio, Ms Frili. Yeah, i’m very happy to know them. And I very like with Ms Sellyn because she also “keroppi holic” hahaha.  I know that from her purse, full with keroppi. And finally we are talking about keroppi, she sent so many picture accessories keroppi from bbm. I have a friend in keroppi holic! Yayyy! After hijab demo, we listening tausiyah by ustad khusnul hadi. He said about taaruf to my self, so many time we use to something not useful. And so little time for pray to God. Only 2 years in my life we pray to God. WOWW!!! And he said that we can increase it with make everything to obey the God, with pray before and after doing something. Vow only to Allah. 😀 bismillah wish we always istiqomah. Aftetr tausiyah we listen some describing about pondok beras 99.. i’m very proud of them. They have so many fakir who have been given a 10kg rice every month. Hope i get so many money and i will use it for good deed. INSYAALLAH

After tausiyah, my parents feel hungry and we buy some food. Hahaha, my father like pizz that i buy, but my mom prefer to consume CILOK that she buy in beside mosque.. after eat some snack they take me to get shopping, J we buy so many thing for our necessity in this december J. After we are shopping we get lunch in soto ayam kampung.. wow! The food is so delicious thats way so may people get lunch in there. J

We feel very tired and we sleep for a long time untill ashar. J after sleeping we eat again. Hahaah,, we feel so hungry,, my body not good, and my mom suggest me to get massage yeyeyeyeye!!! Finally my mom call a massager to massage me. So relaxation when massaging with listen some music. The smell of oil make me so sleepy.

Suddenly after i get a massage, my relatives from surabaya come from to my house. They bring so many bread, hahah i love it, i love eat 😀 we talking about anything, about study, about my sister that can see a ghost,, wow!! Talking anything, sometimes we laugh together,, J and i get some bangles from my aunt. Thank you so much. The bangles is very nice and beautiful.


Really SUNDAY!!


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