friday.. FREE DAY!! :D



i and my friend will visit one of smp in malang to demo hijab. I can’t join with briefing at 7 am because I still have a lecture. I have to presented my matter about egg.. I don’t know with my lecturer’s thinking.. he always make me and my classmates surprise with his way to teach. But not bad for today.. he give me some poin..

After i have finished with my lecture i go to junior high school with umik, bundo, chay, teteh πŸ™‚ . In there they help the teacher to use a various hijab style πŸ™‚ very funny seeing many teacher who try to use style veil,,

Hahaha,, ga brenti ngakak disana ngeliat ibu2 guru nya bener2 narsis bgett,, hbis pake model jilbab yang lucu2 mreka langsung begaya di kamera handphone mreka masing2,, katanya sih mau dimasukin ke facebook.. pada begahol itu ibu2 gurunya πŸ˜€ lucuu bgett.. Hbis selese acaranya, kita dikasi makanan kotak tapi kitanya pada nyimpen makanan itu soalnya kita mau makan BAKSO BAKAR di smping smp yang SUKSES membakar mulut ane!!! gila pedes bget.. tapi enak bget πŸ™‚ es ketan item cincau nya juga enak,, manis kecut asikk!!! sambil makaan sambil nggosip artis,, πŸ™‚ yang depe lah, jupe lah, smua aja.. πŸ˜€

thank’s guys for this day.. πŸ™‚

In the night there is success day in SBS,, all of student in there have to present something and we must bring some food and beverage.. PARTY πŸ™‚ but we have listening test first.. after this is first performance from syahru, he tell us about composter.. a tool for change rubbish to be fertilizer.. good idea.. really i wanna buy it, but the price is so expensive πŸ˜₯ 300.000 hahaha.. after mr syahru, miss mardiana telling story and bring some cute doll.. πŸ™‚ and that mr abdur sing some song with his guitar.. mr robi give some motivation and present a good film.. and chandra read a love poetry, hahahah,, he always make me smile, laugh. πŸ™‚ he always playing guitar duet with miss intan.. Cepuk feat patipul make some food.. hmm,, yummy, i like it, mushroom and pudding πŸ˜€

sepulang dari success day, seperti biasa ak pulang sama aa’ eh tiba2 di jalan bapak menghadang dengan motor nya… wkwkwwk.. bapak cerita smbil senyum2 kalo dia ngintai kita.. hadehh,, bapakku lak slalu bikin hal aneh.. >.< gapapa, itu tandanya bapak sayang aku.. mumumumu :*

love this day. enough


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