cooking 1 (fruit salad)

I like cook very much. cooking is very refreshing my mind, soul :). And we should in a good mood to make a tasty food and beverage.. this weeks is very hard for me. everyday i have to finish so many task, i don’t like.. hoaahhhh.. I’m bored with this condition.. MASTER DEGREE Sarap!!! i don’t want it.. so many task, so many lecture, so many examination, so many seminar!!! woww!!!! my head!! but bismillah, that’s only for my parents.. hope they’ll proud of me and satisfied with mya hard work. amin..

Absolutely, making fruit salad at noon make me and my relatives feeling fresh.. this weekend really just for my family. hahaha.. so many assignment in table are not done. πŸ™‚

my fruit salad is made from agar, melon, grape etc.. and it is given with sour topping made from mayonnaise, pineapple, rhum (wow, this is make the flavour is so delicious), ice cream πŸ™‚

after i share this photo at facebook, this photo is commented by aa’ n someone.. woooo… and at night i have misscommunication with my love. and FIGHTING,, wkwkwk,, and i cry till my eyes become big >.<

yeah enough.. many things happen, hope he get better,, love you.. i promise to him to make maccaroni schotel, so,, today I’ll buy some material from cook it.. wait for tomorrow πŸ˜€


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