guest lecture with prof Besh Bhandari from Queensland

today my lecturer’s supervisor from University of Queensland visit to my faculty 🙂
i suppose that he is a native from Australia,, but after i saw him his face is INDIA bgettt 😀
so handsome.. yuyuyuyuy :*
he given us so many thing especially a new science about nano technology.
In my country this application of this science is rarely use..
we astonished with his speech about application nano technology in food industry, in cosmetic industry, even in textille industry.

Nano technology is everything that have size 1-100 nm.
nanomolecules have a LARGE SURFACE area,, he said that 1 spoon of nanomolecules can spread in 1 football area.. wow!! amazing 🙂

an if we adding some nanoparticles into other material it will be a NANOCOMPOSITES. It small addition nanoparticles can be improve strength of that nanocomposites 🙂

an example from food industry:
a mixture of milk is one of kind of nano technology.

an example from cosmetic industry:
do you know a sunscreen?
yeah, women often use it,

an  example from textille industry:
do you want to have  a cloth that always clean without you wash it regularly,,
hehehe,, he said that you can added a small portion of nanoparticles because natural properties of nanoparticles is “SELF CLEANING”
hahaha, i don’t know where is the country that have apply this science 🙂
and he said if we eager to know the mechanism, we can search in youtube “nanoparticles self cleaning” let’s check it guys 🙂

there is 2 ways to make a nanoparticles,
1. top down
top down is make a nanoparticles from a bulk materials. this ways is rare use because this is need a LARGE ENERGY..

2. bottom up
bottom up is make a nanoparticles from atom-atom being a nanoparticles, this way is preferred to do because more simple and easy.,,

do you want to know about nano technology ??
visit mbah google :p


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